Pitcher Perfect – Round Vs Sharp Spout

The pitcher does not make the pourer...

but it can help you progress.  As we all learn and advance in our abilities we also develop our style.  The type of latte art pours we prefer can definitely be assisted by the pitcher.  Over the years my style has changed, and my preference in pitcher has changed along with it.  At the moment I have eight pitchers in my refrigerator (yes I still believe in keeping my pitchers cool).

Yet, over the past year my go to pitcher has been the Welhome Pro handleless with a round spout. I picked this piece up from my friends at Slow Pour Supply after noticing their commitment to the coffee community.  It took some getting used to, but once I developed the muscle memory for it my progress in latte art took off.  The controllability, and bold lines this pitcher and spout allows for really helped me develop my favorite pour, the slosetta.

Fast forward to about a week or two ago I was thinking about what differences would be between the round spout, versus the sharp spout.  I reached out to Slow Pour and they so kindly offered to send me the handleless sharp spout pitcher so I could do a comparison video.  On the video I decided that showing a few pours, ranging from the beginner to the advanced, side-by-side, would be the best way to illustrate the differences between the two pitchers and their respective spouts.

The fact remains that you can do all pours with both spouts, and it really comes down to your personal preferences.  Both pitchers are great.  If handleless isn't your jam, they have a ton with handles in a range of designs, colors, and sizes.  If you're in the market for a new pitcher head on over to Slow Pour Supply and use the code 'Sprometheus' at checkout for a 5% discount (valid for 10 days after posting).

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  1. Dr. Cheryl
    March 15, 2019

    What fun and finesse!


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