Top Three – Mistakes In Planning A Home Espresso Bar

Are you ready to take the plunge...

into the world of espresso at home? Well, incase you haven't noticed I've done that myself, and I get a lot of questions from folks looking to do that exact same thing. I personally made some mistakes myself, and since then I've talked many friends and viewers through the process so I thought I should share the top three mistakes in planning a home espresso bar, and how you can avoid those pitfalls.

Of course getting frank, logical, and in a lot of cases what feels like killjoy advice isn't what some people want to hear, but sometimes the we all just need a reality check. So in this video I'll go into how to break down your budget between the espresso machine and the grinder, why you shouldn't judge a machine by its cover, and how to ensure your gear lives a long and productive life.

So hit play on the video above and get yourself a quick break down of the top three mistakes in planning a home espresso bar so you can hopefully avoid those undesirable outcomes.

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