Opinion – The Great Portafilter Debate

The great portafilter debate...

has raged for as long as I can remember.  Or at least as long as I've been in the specialty coffee industry.  Which is a paltry four years. Yet, I've had my love affair with the bottomless portafilter.  It was just a fling though. It was short, passionate, and messy.  It splattered and splashed all over my cup, tended to be a bit colder straight out of the gate, and just felt a bit thinner in flavor.  It does make great training wheels for your tamp, distribution, and handling though.

The spouted portafilter, was just that gem that was hidden in plain sight.  As I progressed in my coffee career and experience I noticed I tended to use it more and more.  Recommending it more to customers who bought equipment from me, and just generally being a big proponent of the spouted.  I don't want to spoil the video for you, but here are the bullet points.  Spouted portafilters are cleaner, more temperature stable, and make coffee taste better.

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