Top Three – Easy Tips For A Better Pour Over

For most people...

whether they are just a daily, passive interest coffee drinker, or a budding home barista, the humble filter coffee is where we generally start the adventure into brewing at home. It's one of the simpler forms of coffee to make by hand, and offers endless control. It also makes for a nice morning ritual, as well as being the most affordable in terms of the gear you need to get started. This also includes myself. From humble beginnings with a Chemex in the office break room, to having an overflowing collection of coffee brewing equipment, but I'll spare you the details of that complete excessive list, and just stick to my top three pour over tips.

Yet, when I think back to my early pour over days and some of the mistakes I made, things I didn't do, and the potential in the cups I lost it does bum me out a bit. So I thought that if I could go back and could give myself a few pour over tips, what would I say.  Well, to start I'd go into the importance of agitation. Whether it's a stir, a swirl, or even some vibration, agitating the grinds has been a key component of a better overall extraction, in other word, better taste. Next would be less of a focus on brew time, and more on the pace of the pouring the brew water.  Last, and definitely not least, a seemingly obvious but also extremely helpful tip on dialing in and understanding more about brewing variables.

Anyway, I'll dive deeper into each of these pour over tips in the video above, so hit play and let's get to brewing.

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  1. Lisa Headley
    May 3, 2021

    Those are some great tips! I too love a pour-over. I love how it accentuates intricate flavors when compared to other brewing methods, especially for my favorite single-origin coffees.


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