Damn Fine Tutorial – Pulling A Shot

Just like many other things in life starting with a solid foundation is vital...

and coffee is no different.  So lets start with the basics of pulling a shot of espresso like a pro.  In this tutorial I'll go over the items step-by-step.  As I'm doing this from home I've excluded a few of the Specialty Coffee Association's standard steps in the video, but listed them below in the breakdown.  Also, this tutorial does assume you've got a basic understanding of dial-in.

  1. Remove the portafilter from the group

  2. Flush the group to remove any loose grounds and pre-heat the area

  3. Wipe your portafilter clean and dry

  4. Place your portafilter on your scale and tare out it's weight

  5. Grind into your portafiter and place onto your scale to assure the correct gram weight

  6. Flatten and distribute your grounds by tapping, shaking, or using a tool like the OCD (I do it all)

  7. Tamp your coffee bed flat using roughly 30lbs of pressure

  8. Place your gram scale with cup onto the drain tray and tare it out

  9. Flush your group again, lock your portafilter in place and begin the pump

  10. Slide your cup and scale beneath the portafilter and start the timer

  11. Let your shot run to the parameters you're shooting for, then disengage the pump.

At this point the SCA would want you to place the demitasse on a saucer with a spoon, and present it to a customer.  You would then knock out the puck, rinse the group, wipe the portafilter clean and place it back into the machine.

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