Pure Over – All Glass, No Filter

A filterless coffee brewer isn't unheard of...

but I don't recall any of them using that particular aspect as their main marketing point, and that is where the Pure Over comes into the picture. This relatively new pour over dripper designed by Portland based glass artist Etai Rahmil was originally a Kickstarter that was fully funded in 2021 with a grand total of $351,745 from 4,883 backers.

Like I mentioned the main selling point of the Pure Over, if you didn't already guess, is it's purity. There's no paper, metal or plastic and its built fully by glass. The dripper itself relies on filtration through the coffee itself and perforations in the base. It also joins in on the growing market for no-bypass brewers, which claim to give the the barista a higher level of consistency and quality control.

On paper all of this sounds fantastic, especially since unlike most new drippers it doesn't have some kind of proprietary filter that I have to track my stock of. So when they recently reached out and offered to send me one for review I happily accepted, and after a few weeks of brews I'm ready to share my thoughts on the Pure Over, so hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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