Rancilio Stile – Can The Hopper Make A Comeback?

It's been a big year for grinders...

and it's not over yet, because a brand new option just hit the market, the Rancilio Stile. Intended for both home and commercial applications, it appears to be made for some serious use. On the outside it shares their classic understated and straightforward design, and on the inside its sports a 300 gram hopper, a touchpad for on-demand grinding, and a wide range capable of espresso all the way to French press.

We all know that Rancilio isn't new to coffee gear, but it's been some time since they've released a grinder. So the question is does the Stile live up to their experience, and can a hopper based coffee grinder catch on in the home space in 2022 when the majority of the popular options are low-retention, single dosers? Especially up against the current champ in that realm, the Mahlkonig X54.

Well these are the questions, among others I aim to answer in this week's video. So if you're ready to learn all about the brand new Rancilio Stile hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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