The Ratio Eight – Hands-Off Home Brewing

It's time for a home brewer renaissance...

and it's possible that the Ratio Coffee home brewers will be the vehicle for such a change. Personally, I do love a good pour over, but there is still a place in my kitchen for the perfect brewer...once I find it. Many of the current options have been around for quite some time, and leave a bit to be desired in terms of function and form. Yet, with this years increased interest in brewing at home some new options have been hitting the market pretty hard. One of those options in particular has found its way into my Instagram feed, as well as the counter of many coffee influencers (I hate that term) is the Ratio line of home coffee brewers.

At first glance they are definitely different looking, especially the Eight model which features a pretty striking modern design with different finishes, and some nice wood accents. I do love me some wood accents. But on top of the form they are said to function just as well, removing some of the work and potential inconsistencies out the brewing process. Just fill it with water and coffee grinds, and let the machine do the rest. Plus, in a world increasingly full of plastic appliances, the Ratio Coffee brewers are made of cast metal, borosilicate glass, and the aforementioned wood accents. Now if it only brews coffee as good as it looks, it will make the relatively high investment of getting one worth every penny. There is only one way to find that out though, so hit play on the video above and let's brew this.

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  1. sbrewingcompany
    December 2, 2022

    home brewing is a difficult you made it eassier


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