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Paper coffee filters...

seem like one of those simple pieces of coffee brewing that pretty much don't get much love in terms of updates and innovation, until now. CAFEC has entered the filter fray with something new.  Just a few short months ago they started offering roast specific coffee filters.  Using their proprietary hot-air drying method during manufacturing they are able to control what they call "crepeing" or a crepe-like texture. With that they can control the texture and smoothness of both the inside and outside of their filters. Using that texturing ability, along with changes in paper thickness and mesh density they've produced the first roast specific coffee filters.

With three types to choose from, light, medium-dark, and dark roast, there appears to be a filter for every pour over aficionado of any taste profile. After reading their claims about how these filters highlight the best features of every roast I had to find out for myself. So I ordered the entire set, got coffees of every roast level, and set myself up for an epic day of pour over action.

Hit play on the video above to see how these roast specific coffee filters stand up to just a standard filter, and if they live up to the claims.

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