Specialty Coffee Expo – What I Saw, Drank, & Look Forward To In 2023

The largest coffee convention in America...

just took place a couple weeks ago, and I was there. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo is a global convention focused on all things coffee. You can find just about every major equipment manufacturer, many start-ups, and a good handful of pretty much everything else: from cups to syrups. Now this description may have you wondering what I did there, and the answer is, coffee and connections. I spent a good amount of my two day stay in Portland, Oregon visiting local coffee shops, and building face-to-face connections with a handful of companies.

So, needless to say during my time in Portland I was generally over-caffeinated, over-stimulated, and socially awkward; carrying a large camera around doesn't help that either. But I lived through it and came out relatively unscathed with a handful of business cards and a hodgepodge of footage. So after sitting down and looking at what I shot at Expo I figured a quick vlog of what I saw, drank and took away from the experience would be the best way to share.

So in this week's video I take you along on the journey from my early morning flight, the cafe visits, and of course the Expo show floor. But I won't spoil the details, so to check out all the coffee goodness, hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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