Espresso Anatomy – Scott Rao’s Allongé Shot

Thinking about espresso...

is what I do with a good amount of my time, and if you're reading this its fair to say it may be something you spend time doing as well. There is a wide array of espresso options out there, and in my espresso anatomy series I've covered a lot of them. The standard double, ristretto, lungo, and (true) single shot have all made an appearance. So in the spirit of completionism I play on continuing this series until there are no more espresso recipes left. So thanks to the most recent issue of Standart I was reminded about Scott Rao's Allongé and thought it would be a perfect espresso to add to the growing series.

Now before all you Spro bros start getting fired up about me using a Linea Mini without extensive control don't you fret. I wanted to try the Allongé just how Scott Rao intended, and to make that happen I was able to rent a Decent DE1 from the California Roasting Collective. So now that I'm equipped with the proper espresso machine, the exact profile, and a lightly roasted, fruit forward coffee I'm ready to experience this shot. So if you're ready too hit play on the video above to dive into Scott Rao's Allongé.

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