Seven & Me – Milk Frother & Moka Pot

At this point my digital...

footprint may as well be a coffee bean because when some kind of new coffee contraption finds its way onto any platform that I use regularly it will absolutely find its way in front of me. The Seven & Me is one such contraption. It presented itself as a sponsored advertisement on Instagram, which, I am ashamed to say worked perfectly. It grew me in, and I was pretty curious. The advertisement showed a small stand with a pitcher for milk and moka pot on it. Now, separately they aren't anything insanely special, but together they make a pretty substantial team. So I had to try it out.

I reached out to Seven & Me and they agreed to send me a press unit for review. After a bit of a SNAFU with a missing seal (I was able to swap in one from my own moka pot) I was off to the races. There is no doubt that this is a pretty ingenuous combination, I mean coffee and milk, who would've thought? It boasts five pre-programmed drinks, a reusable filter, an auto milk frother, and a three minute run time for your favorite coffee beverage. So needless to say I am eager to share with you what my thoughts are on the Seven & Me, so hit play on that video above and let's get this spro on the road.

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