Silvia Pro X – Rancilio’s New Generation Of Home Espresso

Rancilio is no stranger to espresso...

they've been building machines for 95 years, and put them on home counters in 1997. Over that time the Silvia has become synonymous in home barista circles and is now in its sixth generation.  From the humble single boiler, to today's dual boiler with PID and "soft infusion" the Silvia Pro X is their answer to the growing popularity of espresso at home and enthusiast community's interest in modern brewing techniques and trends.

Regardless of this the Silvia Pro X has a bit of an uphill battle to prove its worth to the coffee community at large. With the Silvia Pro nipping at its heels with all of the same features minus their self-proclaimed "soft infusion" and a basic pressure gauge with a price tag hundreds of dollars less. So the question is does this small step forward in coffee tech produce a big leap in espresso quality worthy of that significant cash gap.

Well, that's what I aim to get into today, on top a deeper dive into "soft infusion" the machine's performance, and of course it's downsides. So hit play on that video above and let's brew this!

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