The Aeropress – Six Lessons From The Champions

There are countless Aeropress recipes...

online, which isn't surprising, it's been out for the last fifteen years.  But very few of these aeropress recipes are from literal world Champions.  Now I've had my Aeropress for years, but I retired it quickly because it just couldn't stand up to my V60 or espresso brews.  They often tasted either too heavy or too light in the cup.  Frustrated with it I put on the bottom shelf of my coffee cart to collect dust.  But now with the extra time on my hands I decided to dive in and try again.  This time with the help of the three most recent World Aeropress Champions.  So I dug up their winning recipes and got to brewing and pressing.

After brewing each of the winning Aeropress recipes many times, I not only changed my mind on the Aeropress as a whole.  But also while doing so I found six overall lessons that each winner used to create the best possible cup of coffee.  So I complied these six lessons in a video because they are too good not to share.  Especially if you, like me, haven't had a good cup from an Aeropress in awhile.

These six lessons are increase your dose, grind coarser, dilution is key, stir don't bloom, invert for control, and paper is still best.  Check out the video above to see how each of these lessons together can seriously elevate your Aeropress game. I was so impressed with the results of these Aeropress recipes that it will return to my regular coffee routine, and will likely be making more video appearances in the future.

So hit that play button, soak up those lessons, and get your Aeropress on.

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