Coffee Opinion – The Starbucks Hate Must Be Stopped

It's far too easy...

and also extremely common for folks in the specialty coffee scene to dunk on Starbucks, but today I want to give you some reasons why they actually deserve a little respect. Of course, this isn't a "we should all love them" kind of video, and they most definitely have their flaws. I mean, they're easily found in a quick Google search. Whether it's their questionable coffee sourcing, or their widely publicized labor disputes they clearly aren't perfect, but its indisputable that they laid early the groundwork for the specialty coffee industry we all know and love today.

The reasons are pretty simple, but the impact they made on the coffee industry is massive. In this video I go into is how they turned coffee into a luxury, lifestyle item people are willing to pay more than a few cents on the dollar for. I also talk about how they've helped create a passionate workforce of coffee focused people, and they played a major role in the popularization of espresso in the United States. So hit play on the video above and lets talk about why the Starbucks hate must be stopped, or at the very least toned down a few notches.

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