Superkop – A Unique Twist On Manual Espresso

If there’s one thing in coffee...

I’m always impressed by its the ingenuity of manual espresso machine design. I’ve used the press, I’ve used the twist, and now with the Superkop, I’ve used the ratchet. And if your first thought during that last sentence was "superwhat?" I was right there with you just a few months ago. I originally ran across it on Instagram, and found myself very curious about it. You might already know this, but I really love unique and relatively undiscovered espresso gear, and this one falls squarely into my sweet spot.

The Superkop brings a new twist to the classic and unmistakable lever espresso machine platform. It was designed and developed with a two goals in mind. The main one being able to simply produce a proper shot of espresso, but also to do it without the use of electricity. The lever itself utilizes a ratcheted gear system to build its brew pressure, and an insulated polycarbonate water chamber for thermal stability. On paper it all sounds very straightforward, but in today's review I'll be finding out just how effective the Superkop is at achieving these goals and more, so hit play on the video above and let's brew this.

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