Tamper Comparison – Barista Hustle Vs Pullman BigStep

It's time for a tamper comparison...

and the two puck pressers I'll be looking at this week are the ever popular Barista Hustle and the Pullman Big Step.  These two tend to be a couple of the most popular options in the specialty coffee industry.  You'd be hard pressed to find at least one cafe out of five without one of these tampers sitting on the bar. Even though they are very similar in terms of the job they're designed to do, they also have some major differences.  Choosing one over the other can come down to something as simple as handle size, all the way down to the styling.

So if you're in the market for one of these two, or just a new addition to your barista tool family check out this tamper comparison.  It may answer some of those burning questions you may have about these two heavy hitters.  Like, which one is actually the heaviest of the hitters.  Or maybe you're curious about which tamper delivers the most bang for you buck, or has the most options for custom pieces.  So scroll up and hit play on that video to soak up all the espresso mashing goodness.

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