Coffee Opinion – The Americano Must Be Stopped

Espresso drinks aren't all that complicated...

and even though there is so many you could fill a small book with them, they are made up of two ingredients, espresso and milk or water. In this case I'm talking about the latter, more specifically the Americano, and by association the long black. Now, these two have very different origin stories, are made in an ever so slightly different way, but to the tastebuds essentially create the exact same drink. Whether you put in the espresso first, last, or even in the middle, makes little to no tastable difference, but I think that's something that needs to be said, and for some reason when you look these two drinks up it isn't.

So in today's coffee opinion video I state my case to my fellow specialty coffee baristas, both home and professional, as to why the Americano and long black should be, and more or less are, completely interchangeable. There's no need to argue the semantics, or that there is only one way to something this simple.  So hit play on the video above, and join in on the conversation.

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