Chestnut X – The Hand Grinder Upgraded

The hand grinder market...

has really blown up over the past few years, with new options hitting shelves and websites at a pretty solid rate. There are names that most coffee enthusiasts kick around on the regular like the Comandante and the Kinu M47, but there's a newcomer to this market, and its boasting some pretty serious claims and some brand new features not yet seen on any other option out there. This new grinder is called the Chestnut X and it's made by the company Timemore. ย From the outside, it looks like a pretty standard manual grinder. You've got a shaft containing the burrs and bearings, and of course the crankshaft, but that is where the similarities end, and the unique features begin.

The grinder has 24 separate grind adjustments, but unlike any other hand grinder out there I also offers a secondary adjustment dial that creates five more fine adjustments within each click. This creates a total of 120 adjustments, which in theory means the grinder is capable of any brew method. It also boasts a brand new conical burr design they call S2C, or "spike to cut". This design is said to first spike the beans into larger pieces before they are fed into the cutting portion. According to Timemore this reduces the crushing motion that many burr sets use that creates more fines.

Those are just the headlines, so if you're interested in seeing the Chestnut X get put through the Spro treatment hit play on the video above.

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