Confetti Filter – A Pour Over Party In Your Mouth

Nothing seemed more appropriate...

for a video released on New Years Day than one that uses confetti for a pour over filter. I do have to say this was not my idea, and I saw it originally on the Melodrip Instagram page and found it pretty intriguing. When the urge struck I decided to give it a go. It's actually very simple, but does take some preparation. But if you're reading this you are liking a coffee nerd like I am, and aren't all that adverse to the thought of putting in some effort for a solid cup of coffee.

To start, you can use new or used and dried filters. Personally, I haven't dove into the world of reusing pour over filters yet, and I have more filters than I know what to do with these days.  So I used some brand new Cafec filters to run this, both the Abaca and the Light Roast options to see how they differed. Essentially you just need to fold it, cut it into small slices, fluff, and compress. From there its pretty similar to your standard brewing procedure. You know the routine, rinse, dose, bloom, pours, etc. After brewing I was pretty shocked with the results, so hit play on the video above to see how they turned out, and learn how make yourself some confetti filter brews.

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