Espresso Anatomy – The Double Shot

When it comes to espresso...

and my series of videos taking deep dives into the many forms of this beloved beverage, I feel like one very important option is missing. Whether you call it the double, the normale, or embrace your inner Italian and call it a doppio, it's time I dive into the most common and standard shot of espresso. The fact is there is nothing standard about the double shot of espresso. It can be an amazing and enlightening experience on its own, but it also is the base of so many other amazing and iconic drinks like the latte, cappuccino, flat white, and many more.

Unlike the notorious ristretto, or misunderstood lungo, the standard double shot doesn't have burning debates behind it. You won't find forum or Reddit posts stretching for miles with keyboard warriors taking shots at one another (no pun intended), but there are two major schools of thought. The traditional, or the modern. Each has its own set of rules, and as you'd expect they also produce two very different outcomes in the cup. Yet, that is only really scratching the surface on the topic, so in this video I'll make, explore, break down and compare these two very different styles of the double shot all for your view pleasure. So hit play on that video above and lets get pulling.

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