The ESPCUP – The Sifter From Another Mister

It seems every couple of months...

a new distribution tool materializes out of the bottomless dark void that is third wave coffee gear economy. The WPM (Welhome Pro) ESPCUP is the newest contender to an already pretty full arena of tools. With big coffee industry names like ONA Coffee, Pullman, and Saint Anthony's Industries already having dropped their hats into the portafilter. Yet, there is a pretty obvious difference when it comes to ESPCUP.  Instead of it being the near standard 58 millimeter wedge-like, coffee grounds leveler, the ESPCUP actually resembles more of a flour sifter than any other distribution tool that I've seen.

The ESPCUP comes in two cylindrical metal tubes that fit together in the center. One comes equipped with an 'S' shaped agitator or scraper, and the other with a coarse mesh screen. It's function is actually almost as simple as the design. Place both pieces of the unit onto your portafilter, pour in the coffee grounds, and spin away to have a well groomed, clump-free coffee bed. In theory this all sounds pretty great, but in practice there are most definitely some issues worth discussing. The Welhome Pro ESPCUP has its pros, and its cons, and in this week's video I'm going to deep dive into it head first. So hit play on that video, and let's see how the ESPCUP measures up in the distribution game.

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