The Flair 58 – The Review

The time has finally come...

after a year of speculation and vague information the brand new Flair 58 has finally arrived on the scene. I've been a big fan of the Flair machines since I picked up the Signature Pro about two years ago. It was my first foray into hand pressed espresso, and I was impressed with the fit, finish, and even more so the tasty shots it produced with nothing more than some good old fashioned lever movement.

Over the past year or so the folks at Flair have been busy, not only have they released the Pro 2 and the Neo, but behind the scenes they were working on a top secret project, the Flair 58. The 58 in the name denotes the millimeter size of the portafilter, and those in the know probably realize that it's the same size as a commercial espresso machine. A small, but noteworthy change that adds a whole new world of accessories and accessibility to the Flair line. Not to mention the connivence of a detachable portafilter, which eases some of the concerns around workflow and cleaning with the original Flair machines.

But, I don't want to share too much here. So hit play on that video above and let's dive into the first full look at the brand new Flair 58.

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