The Flair Vs The Rok – Head to Head

It's time the Flair faces the Rok...

in a head to head battle to see which hand pressed espresso machine will come out on top.  To keep things fair I was able to get a standard group head for my Flair to make it more of an even competition with the Rok.  I also crowed sourced the competitions I put these two machines through via my Instagram so thank you to everyone who responded to help me put together a serious four round fight between these two home barista espresso juggernauts.

I'm not going to spoil who won each round, and who the overall champion is, for that you'll have to watch the video.  But the tests I put these machines through are temperature stability, ease of cleaning, workflow pace, and last but not least espresso shot quality.  These are the four most suggested topics from my Instagram poll.  Check out the video above to see how it all works out, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and maybe even my Instagram  if you want to take part in some of my video polls or even get sneak peaks behind the scenes.

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