Espresso Anatomy – The Flat White

If you're a coffee lover...

you're also likely a lover of arguing the semantics and definitions of certain coffee drinks. One of those hotly debated espresso based beverages is the globally popular flat white. Some claim it is all about the addition of the legendary ristretto shot of espresso. Others say it is just a basic wet cappuccino, while others say it is just a small latte. Another side will say is it all about the size of the drink, and it's thin layer of milk foam. Even its actual origins are contentious, with both Australia and New Zealand planting their flag in the cup as their own national coffee creation.

As just a Yankee coffee lover I don't think I have the right to chime in on the origin debate, but I do want to give the flat white the full espresso anatomy treatment, and go into some of the ways it has been defined over the years. So in this video I'll break down all of the popular definitions of the flat white, how to make them, how they differ, and maybe even more importantly, how they are similar. With any drink that spans the globe and surging in popularity it is unlikely that we'll all agree on a sole definition, but hey, it's a fun topic. So hit plan on that video above and let's make some creamy dreamy flat whites.

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