Coffee Opinion – The God Shot Must Be Stopped

If you haven't noticed...

specialty coffee culture has a dump-truck sized notebook full of colorful lingo, and one of the most popular terms you'll likely hear is the "god shot". This blanket term is used to describe a shot of espresso so perfect, and so delicious that is it is basically an enlightening experience. The term itself is thought to have been coined in 2004 by an early coffee blog of the same name by a guy named Chris Tacy. But over the years the god shot had become a common center of discussion and heated debate. Not only whether it even exists, but what it actually means. When I posed the task of defining it to my Instagram following not one response was the same. So its clear, its something that is more of a personal experience, and not shared within a group.

In this video I'll go over my thoughts and feelings on the term and the idea of a god shot of espresso as a whole. For example, it's lack of a clear definition, and why I think that is exactly the way it should be. Also, I'll talk about and explain my theory on what I call the god shot trap. This theoretical trap can be a barista's (home or professional) worst nightmare in terms of not only progression, but also the overall experience. Last, but certainly not least, I'll go into about why the term is kind of a relic of espresso days past, and  why it doesn't really have a place in today's third wave coffee culture. So hit play on the video above, and let's get this spro on the road.

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