The Joepresso – True Espresso From The Aeropress?

Making a passable espresso on the Aeropress...

is one of those horizons many have attempted, but no one has yet to really nail it. Even coffee industry heavy hitters, Fellow Products, took a swing at it with their Prismo attachment.  Now, fast forward to today and the Joepresso is newest contender to enter into that arena via a Kickstarter campaign. The brainchild of Roman Rabinovich, it was created to fulfill his need for a shot of espresso while stuck at home during the quarantine. So using some of that extra time and ingenuity he put together an attachment which is advertised to create espresso that is "full strength, full body, full flavor".

The biggest hurdle I see for this unit, is its use of a pressurized portafilter.  These create pressure by collecting the coffee into a small area, and then forcing it through a single valve once 8-9 bars are reached.  The crema developed from these is also referred to as fake, because it's a direct result of aeration and not the extraction. But if it means the Aeropress can finally produce a passable, if not a decent shot of espresso maybe those issues will be forgivable. So when Roman reached out and wanted to see if I'd be willing to give the Joepresso a go, I absolutely agreed.

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