Espresso Anatomy – The Macchiato

Long before the days of caramel and whip...

the macchiato was a mainstay on espresso bars around the world, and in most cases it still is.  Yet like many drinks in the world of specialty coffee there are multiple ways to make it, and of course some debate. This small but mighty espresso based drink not only carries more espresso flavor than the famed cortado, but its a great barometer for determining barista skill. Either your own, or at your favorite cafe.  Since the majority of the drink is made up of espresso the dial in of the coffee will be front and center.  A bad shot of espresso can't be masked with a spoonful of foam, or an ounce of steamed milk.

So in this brand new addition to the Espresso Anatomy series I'll break down the very small, but surprisingly large differences between the traditional dry, and the third wave wet macchiato. Which in the end comes down to how you steam the milk, and how much is actually added. I'll also talk about how these small differences in the milk create a completely different flavor experience in the cup.

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