Osma Pro – The Cold Brewed Espresso Machine

When it comes to brew methods...

you can't find two as massively different than espresso and cold brew. One takes 24 hours and the other, 24 seconds. So when I saw the Osma I couldn't help but be intrigued. If you aren't familiar, the Osma is essentially a combination of an espresso machine and a cold brewer. It claims to make well extracted cold brew in about a minute. Instead of hot water and constant pressure, it cold brews by using cool or room temperature water and vibration; a process called acoustic cavitation.

The Osma also brews in two very different ways. It can pull fresh water to brew an espresso-like beverage, or it can use recirculation. That method pulls water from the cup being brewed into, which essentially brews the coffee using brewed coffee. Both of these methods produce two very different cups, on top of the unique extraction flavors produced from cold water. But it's definitely not all rainbows and sunshine.

So if any or all of this sounds interesting to you, hit play on the video above and lets (cold) brew this.

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