PorcuPress – The Most Dangerous Espresso Tool

I've said it before...

and I'm going to say it again; espresso is a finicky beast.  Anyone who's made it, even just once, has experienced how many variables are in play. Even though getting a tasty shot is based almost entirely on personal preferences, there are still some golden rules to process, and one of them is avoiding channels during the extraction. So just imagine how hard it would be to convince espresso lovers to purposely poke a hundred (or more) holes into their espresso grinds. That is the whole point of the Sworksdesign PorcuPress.

Armed with 100 or 250 medical grade, stainless steel acupuncture needles the PorcuPress creates areas of low density in the espresso puck. As we know water finds the path of least resistance, so in theory as water travels through the channels it more quickly saturates the puck, leading to a more efficient extraction. According to the inventor this assists with those pesky light roasts that need to be ground finer and have a bad habit of choking up the flow.

In today's video I put the PorcuPress through its paces and see how it performs in terms of workflow, extractions, and more. So hit play on that video above and lets poke some espresso.

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