Damn Fine Tutorial – The Rippled Heart

The rippled heart...

is always a nice way to stay in touch with the basics, but adding a little style.  Personally, I prefer to do the slow style versus the quicker tighter wiggles because it's easier to focus on symmetry.  Plus, I just like the contrast between layers.  If you're into the quicker style, all you need to change from this tutorial is speeding up your wiggles.  Simple as that.

In this tutorial I'll go over the basics of achieving the rippled heart latte art.  If you need refresher for creating that perfect silky microfoam, check out my Milk Steaming 101 tutorial before diving into this one.  Otherwise click play on the video above and soak up that sweet, sweet latte art tutorial action.

Also, attached to this video is some exciting news.  The YouTube channel has hit a milestone of 1,000,000 views, and to celebrate I'll be putting on a contest soon to give away some of my favorite coffee accessories.  Next, the 2019 Sprudgies are open for nominations, and I'm asking for those who not only visit Sprometheus.com, but also my channel to nominate me for the Best Coffee Video/Film category if they feel its deserved.  Last, but not least, I've also launched a Patreon today to help fund upcoming projects, as well as equipment upgrades.  Please check that out as well if you're looking to get involved in my process and get exclusive Patreon content.

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