Damn Fine Tutorial – The Rippled Tulip

The rippled tulip...

is by far one of my favorite latte art pours.  There is so much freedom in this pour in terms of both the base, the center, and the top of the design.  You can really utilize the space and play around.  With the rippled tulip, more so than any of the others, as you progress in your comfort and abilities you will begin to really develop your style.  Don't worry if yours doesn't look just like mine, or any other notable latte artists.  Everyone is bringing their own style, and no two pours will be alike.  You know, like snow flakes, but more like spro flakes.

In the video I explain step-by-step my technique for pouring a rippled base. From there you're free to experiment.  I do recommend to keep it simple while you develop the the muscle memory for the base.  Then you can go wild and start laying down multiple tulips, stacked hearts, or whatever design your barista brain can come up with.  This is basically a great way to really expand your understanding of fluid dynamics as well. So get to pouring, and don't be afraid to post the photos and tag me so I can see your progress.

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