Espresso Anatomy – The Staccato Shot

Just when you thought espresso...

can’t get any more intricate and labor intensive something else crawls out of the depths of coffee forums, so today let’s talk about the staccato shot. The word staccato translates from Italian to English as "detached". Which in this case means each grind size are detached, or in other words separated then layered, distributed, and tamped separately.

When it comes to sifting for espresso I have yet to find a method that really elevates my shots, but a blog post from 2019 goes in depth about the process and the staccato shot.  So using that as a road map I decided to finally try it out for myself.  Like many other brewing processes that requires sifting it is time consuming, messy, and somewhat wasteful, but if the process can really take espresso to a "new level of ridiculousness" then it could be worth it, at least for special occasions.

With that said, it's time to find out if the staccato shot lives up to the expectations, so hit play on the video above and let's set sifty.

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