Damn Fine Tutorial – The Wave Heart

The wave heart...

is most definitely one of those little known, little seen latte art pours.  Personally, I don't think I've ever seen, or been served a drink with the wave heart in it.  Nor does it get much love on all of those latte art focused Instagram accounts, which generally post everything from hearts to squirrels with acorns.  So with that in mind I figured it may be a good time to drop this tutorial in an attempt to shine some light onto this relatively under appreciated latte art free pour.  It definitely deserves a little love because it's actually a very cool pour, and it's a pretty advanced pour that utilizes a few different techniques.

Some of these aforementioned techniques are using a quick and circular base pour to create the surface momentum needed to pull the wiggle around the entire circumference of your cup.  You'll also need to utilize a ripple technique to create the wave, and last but not least you'll need to be confident with your pouring speed and milk texturing.   If you're not you'll want to master these before you dive into this one.  Check out my milk steaming tutorial if you need a quick refresh to getting that ideal texture.  The wave heart is not for the faint of heart, so dive in with the knowledge that this one isn't easy.

So if you baristas think you're ready to take on this unique pour hit play on that video above and soak up that knowledge  Also, don't forget to post those pours to Instagram and tag me, I'd love to see everyone's progress!

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