The Xbar – Is It A Home Espresso Unicorn?

Home espresso machines...

are a growing market, and one of the newest additions is the chic and modern looking Kickstarter funded Xbar. As of this writing its campaign has been funded nearly twenty times over, and still has about a week left to pick up some early bird deals. Like most, if not all, espresso machines it can create 9 bars of brewing pressure, and like some it offers second-by-second control of that pressure. The biggest difference between the Xbar and other home machines like the La Marzocco Linea Mini, or the Cafelat Robot is its own unique form of pressure creation, C02 gas.

Beyond the unique choice of propellant and design the Xbar still boasts some options that can't be found on other machines in or around its price point. I've already mentioned its ability to use pressure profiling, but it also uses a commercial sized 58mm portafilter and basket. This allows the for the use of precision espresso baskets, and some of the best tools in the coffee industry aimed at leveling up your espresso quality. Yet, all of these barista swooning headlines can only get you so far if the product doesn't deliver what it promises. So hit play on that video above to find out if the Xbar lives up to its lofty expectations for its rather appealing price tag.

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