Coffee Recipes – The Fat Americano

Summer has arrived...

at least here in the United States, and having just passed by the 4th of July I wanted to do a quick video about one of my new favorite summer espresso drink featuring something quintessentially American.  While everyone is talking cold brew (which I dont like) and I already did a Japanese Iced Coffee video last Spring, I figured it would be a good time to break out something a little different. The awkwardly named Fat Americano, or maybe more politically correct Americola.  The name may not sound all that appealing, but I promise you, its actually super simple, delicious, and full of caffeinated goodness.  Ironically it's not a drink created here in the states, or at least when I've looked around online it seems to have roots in South Korea and Taiwan.

Theres no need to get super fancy or overly complicated with the Fat Ameriano (you don't have to use fancy round ice cubes).  The basics are this. A cold Coca-Cola, a glass of ice, and a shot of espresso.  The place where you can have your fun with this drink, is with the espresso.  I've tried it with a few variations, and both were unique and delicious.  My personal preference for this drink is using something with a fruit forward, and chocolate finish.  In the video I used the Step Blend from Onibus Coffee in Tokyo.  Its a super unique blend of three washed processed coffees, a Kenya, an Ethiopia, and a Guatemala.  In a Fat Americano the berries and citrus acidity play nicely with the sparkling sweetness of the Coka-Cola, and the smooth chocolate notes leave a lingering creamy mouthfeel.  Give this one a try, and let me know you're thoughts!

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  1. Kenneth Baiz
    July 5, 2019

    Looks refreshingly wonderful.

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