Timemore Sculptor 064s – The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

When I hear the name Timemore I immediately think of hand grinders...

but now they’ve got their sights set on entering the electric market, and they're doing it with not one, but four models of their new Sculptor. Today though, we're looking at one in particular, the Sculptor 064s. Like many of the grinders making the rounds these days it’s a single dose, all-arounder, spinning a set of 64mm flat burrs. But based on its spec sheet it's more than just another addition to a growing market. It's looking to bring more to the table, or more appropriately the coffee bar.

Yet as we've all experienced in one way or another, a list of features on paper is one thing, but how it all comes together and performs in the real world is another thing altogether. So join me as I go over the Sculptor 064s from features to performance, and everything in between to see if its worthy of backing on Kickstarter, as well as replacing the Chestnut X as the best Timemore grinder on the market.

Without any further ado, hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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  1. Marc
    March 31, 2023

    It looks really sleek and classy. All reviews on Timemore have been good.
    Do you reckon it would be better to go for the 078s rather than the 064s? Or do you reckon the ability to change the burrs offset the benefit of having a larger burr?

    1. TheRealSprometheus
      March 31, 2023

      I personally would stick with the 64 based solely on the availability of different burr options, but that’s only because I always want to nerd out and see if the grass is greener. It can be a bit of an expensive gamble, as the SSP for instance are nearly as much as the grinder itself. If you don’t think you’ll have an itch to swap, the 078s Im sure is a solid choice considering they share a lot of the same DNA.


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