Top Three – Latte Art Tips To Improve Instantly

Latte art was my first love...

when it came to getting into coffee. There's something so appealing and calming to the process, but it is indeed a process. Learning how to consistently steam silky, wet paint-like textured milk was the first step, and that took me years to master. From there a barista's work isn't over. Pouring even the simplest milky designs was no easy task in itself, especially being more-or-less self taught by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram trying to glean any latte art tips I could from what I was watching. I even would come into work on the weekends with a gallon of milk to practice off the clock in the warehouse.

That persistence eventually paid off, but along the way I've learned a lot and trained quite a few baristas on how to improve their own free pours. This brings me to today's new video focused on my top three latte art tips that will instantly improve your pouring. I've put these two together over years of observing where many baristas struggle. So if you're ready to level up your latte art, or just looking for a quick refresher hit play on the video above and let's get to pouring!

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