Top Three – Must Have Espresso Tools (2022)

If this title looks familiar...

its not just your imagination, its not deja vu, I did a video of the exact same title almost exactly three years ago.  In that time not only has my espresso game evolved, but so has the whole industry along with most of baristas (home and cafe) use on a daily basis. So I figured now would be as good of a time as any to update my list of must have espresso tools to something a bit more contemporary and truly matches what's on my coffee bar.

If you've been watching my videos diligently each one will likely not look all that unfamiliar, but the reason I chose these tools to feature hasn't changed since the original list. Each of these espresso tools is aimed at making the process more comfortable, more consistent, and most important get the most out of your coffee.

Of course this was written as to not spoil any of them, so if you're curious about what made the list hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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