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Travel and coffee...

Often go hand-in-hand. Usually when I’m headed out into the wild blue yonder I do all the research and develop an epic coffee crawl. I always love to experience the local coffee culture when I’m traveling, but sometimes you go somewhere that doesn’t really have a coffee culture. Or you just don’t want to subject your poor friends and family to a day of cafe hopping, or going out of the way to get some specialty coffee.

This is in the forefront of my mind because by the time you’re reading this l’ll be well on my way to Turks & Caicos. Which based on my research, doesn’t really have a coffee culture to speak of. So that means it was the perfect time to show you my travel kit and talk about how I make that sweet, sweet, specialty bean water abroad.  Or at the very least in specialty coffee deserts (which are becoming more and more rare).

I’m a light packer when I travel. I don’t remember the last time I checked a bag. So the kit is pretty self contained and should fit without much fuss in your carry on or “personal item”.

The Kit is pretty simple. What you’ll need is:

1. The Aeropress

2. How every many filters you think you’ll need, plus 5 extras just in case

3. Pre-ground coffee of your choice to the grind you prefer

...and that’s it. Pack it up with the filters inside the tube and you have a self contained coffee program ready for any and all situations.

Brewing is pretty simple. If you can’t pack a scale do some experiments using the scoop Aeropress includes with its units and use the numbers on the side for measurements. You can always use wet-erase or masking tape to mark levels as well.

If you're still new to Aeropresses there are tons of recipes and tutorials online, including my own that you find here.  I'll be sure to share my travel coffee experiences on my instagram, so check it out and drop me a follow if you haven't yet.


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  1. md adnan
    July 1, 2021

    i am heavy coffee drinker.before every travel i maker sure i have my travel french press mug with me.anyways nice article.


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