Espresso Anatomy – The Turbo Shot

As you may already know...

espresso comes in many different shapes and sizes. Its an ever-changing, ever-evolving beverage, and now things that were once considered mistakes have become something we aim for. In the not so distant past a fifteen second shot of espresso would go right down the drain, but today we call it the turbo shot. It's scientifically proven after all.

The turbo shot is a product of a study I covered back in early 2020 about the future of espresso, and when I say study I mean real science, like some serious peer reviewed stuff. In the study the aim was to create a more consistent and repeatable shot of espresso, and what they found holding it back was the grind. Finely ground coffee not only creates the resistance once considered necessary for an espresso, but that also means choking and channelling runs rampant, which are the enemies of consistency.

So in this video I explain the turbo shot in more detail, as well as my own hybrid that blends both traditional and turbo to create the shot that has become my go-to. So hit play and let's make some coffee!

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