Damn Fine Tutorial – Aeropress

Step One

The Aeropress is one of my favorite by-the-cup methods of coffee brewing.  What you'll need is the Aeropress cylinders, the cylinder screw top, a filter, something to stir it with, a gram scale, and of course a cup.  Once again I'll be brewing this to my tried and true 1:15 brew ratio of deliciousness.  So that means I'll be using 18 grams of coffee and roughly 270 grams of the always important filtered water

Step Two

Get your hot water rolling at this point, and drop your beans into into your grinder on a medium-fine setting.  If you get your coffee pre-ground let the barista at the shop know you'll be using it for Aeropress, they should know what that means on whatever grinder they use.  Next, place your paper filter into the screw top lid and rinse it with hot water.

Step Three

I prefer to use the Aeropress in the inverted method.  This means you'll set the Aeropress on your scale sitting plunger down (refer to the first photo if this doesn't make sense). The reason I prefer this method is you have greater control on the time your grounds are steeped in the hot water.  At this point add your grounds to the cylinder and give it a quick shake to flatten the bed of coffee.  

Step Four

Now tare your scale to zero and begin with your bloom.  Pour about 10-20 grams of water into the cylinder and wait about 30 seconds.  Then add the remaining 250 grams of water, give it a quick stir, and start your timer.  This is where you'll have some leeway.  If you like a denser cup of coffee wait two or three minutes, I personally find the sweet spot for me is around one and a half minutes.

Step Five

Once your time has elapsed, screw on the top filter portion with the rinsed filter in place.  Take your cup and place the rim around the top filter piece so it doesn't spill during the next, and most dangerous portion of the brewing process.  Flip the Aeropress completely over so the plunger portion is now on top and the filter is safely inside the rim of your cup.  Be careful not to let the two cylinders come apart when you do the flip.  If it does, you're going to have a bad time.  

Step Six

Now comes the "press" portion of the program.  Slowly press down on the plunger, it should take an average about 20-30 seconds.  The finer the grounds, the harder you'll have to press to brew.  A medium-fine grind will require about 20-30lbs of force.  Press it all the way down until the Aeropress makes a hissing sound. 

Step Seven

Now remove the Aeropress from your cup, unscrew the filter, and plunge out the grounds and filter into the trash.  Your cup of coffee is now ready.  Some folks like to add a bit more hot water to their finished cup, I personally like to drink it as is.  When done properly it tastes like a mix between an Americano and a pour over.  


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