Coffee Science – Drinking Two Year Old Coffee

For awhile now...

I've been toying with aging coffee, both green and roasted, in my freezer at home. One particular package of coffee was roasted, vacuum sealed, and subsequently traveled from Japan to my freezer here in California. This coffee has sat patiently for almost exactly two years now. If you've been around for awhile this whole premise may sound familiar because I did roughly the same experiment with one year old coffee back in December of 2019. So I figured the next logical step in this journey would be tasting some two year old coffee. So, here we are.

The coffee is a medium roasted single origin from Kenya, and in my mind that seems like the perfect option to test the ability of a vacuum sealed bag and household freezer to keep a coffee "fresh" and tasty. Fresh is in quotes as it's one of those nebulous things, and the only way to to test it is pretty low tech. Essentially it's measured by how much off gassing occurs during its bloom phase.  Taste is also a whole different ball game. Since. I didn't have the opportunity to test this coffee when it was fresh, I'll be going into this without any preconceived notions.

So without any further fanfare hit play on the video above and let's dive into this two year old coffee and see if it's kept its tastiness.

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