Side By Side – Is The $250 Acaia Better Than The $100 Varia?

This may be a bit of a surprise...

but in my seven years of blogging and five years of making YouTube videos about coffee stuff I've never once done a review on a scale. I've done my best resist it, because let's be honest; it's not an exciting topic. But considering how much of an important role accuracy plays in brewing coffee, and how persistent a few commenters were about my thoughts on the Varia AKU and the Acaia Lunar it seems like something I should cover at least once. So I'm finally breaking my silence on smart scales.

Of course, much like a typical review I'll be doing a bit of comparing the Varia AKU and the Acaia Lunar on multiple levels including materials, some of their specs, and of course their overall performance. Yet the main thing I've been asked about these two smart scales is how I personally feel about them, which one I recommend, and why. So I'll of course be covering that and doing my absolute best to make it entertaining, but will I? Well the only way to know is to hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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