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The Viennese is one...

of my personal favorite specialty espresso drinks when I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  As you may of gleaned from my previous posts and videos, I don't do a lot of flavored espresso drinks.  Yet, the Viennese is a bit different.  It's a classic, and most shops (at least here in Southern California) have a version of it by various names. Most notably here in San Diego Dark Horse has one famously called 'The Champ'.  The Viennese is ideal for me because it uses just two simple and healthy ingredients, honey and cinnamon.  It also works in iced and hot drinks, so best of both worlds.

There are a few different processes you can use to infuse the honey and cinnamon into the espresso. The way that I've found works the best is using a separate vessel for the honey and cinnamon and split the shot so it has some time to infuse.  Then after the shot has pulled stir it up and combine it with the other half of the shot.  Then its ready for the milk of your choice.  If you want that aesthetic speckled look of the cinnamon on you can mix it all in the same cup all at once.  I find that this process doesn't infuse as smoothly, and cinnamon is slightly water resistant so it will have the tendency to sit on top a bit more.

Check out the video and give this one a shot if you've got the need for a simple and slightly sweet drink.

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