WAFO Baskets – My Experience With These $200 Baskets

There are depths to the espresso rabbit hole...

and WAFO baskets are getting pretty deep. They have seen some mainstream-ish attention, but generally have been talked about by those who are willing to put $200 or more down on something that is more-or-less untested. So in an effort to better understand them I ordered one, a blend basket, and had some mixed results. So I felt before I come to any conclusions I should try out one of their other single origin espresso (SOE) designs, but unexpectedly Dave at WAFO sent me the full line.

This meant I had to put in some serious time, so I spent the last couple weeks almost exclusively brewing on the WAFO baskets. Not only did I pull shots according to WAFO's workflow, but I also put in extra time dialing them in on a variety of grinders, pressures, temperatures, yields and coffees. Through all of this I had a wide variety of experiences, took a lot of notes, recorded a lot of voice memos, and put it all together into this video.

So if you're curious about my experience, and my overall take on the WAFO baskets hit plat on the video above and let's brew this.

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