Coffee Science – The Best Water For Espresso

I'm sure you have heard...

how important water quality can be to your coffee, and unless you're new here you've most likely you've heard it at least a few times from me. Now its something that I understood on a very surface level. For example, too many minerals can create a bitter cup, and too few can make your coffee flat and lifeless. Over the better part of a decade I've brewed coffee at home on one water, and one water only; Crystal Geyser. It's a filtered water that contains a nice balance of minerals for extraction and machine maintenance, but now I'm embarking on a journey to find the best water for espresso.

After weighing the options I landed on two others that I felt needed to be compared to filtered water, that would be the popular Third Wave Water and the lesser known Perfect Coffee Water. Initially I was pretty confident that the outcome between all three water profiles would be relatively similar. They all contain most of the same "ingredients", i.e. mineral compounds. Yet, after spending days testing, tasting, and note taking I was pretty surprised at what I discovered.

So hit play on the video above to find out which option stands out as the best water for espresso.

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