The Wet Weiss – I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Think Of This

When brewing a pour over...

there's really no debate about the benefits of agitation, especially during the all important bloom. Getting the entire bed of coffee thoroughly saturated with water and releasing any gases built up produces not only a better extraction, but a better cup of coffee. Much like many other techniques in coffee brewing there's many ways baristas can achieve this, some prefer a nice swirl, and others break out the spoon, but a new, unexpected contender has entered the arena; the Wet Weiss .

Known throughout the coffee world as a WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool, this small device with a handful of needles of varied gauge and amount, has gained widespread use in espresso preparation with its effectiveness at removing clumps and producing better extracted shots. Looking back, it just seems so obvious, but it appears using it in a pour over bed can achieve similar results.

I first saw this in a Barista Hustle article back in July of 2022, and began casually applying it to my pour over brewing and found some positive results in the cup, and on a rainy day decided to brew up a handful of coffee testing multiple agitation methods. So if you're curious to see how the wet Weiss performs, and if its time to retire the swirl or spoon hit play on the video above and let's brew this.

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