The World’s Most Expensive Tamper – PuqPress Q2

The PuqPress Q2...

is by far the most expensive tamper I've ever used.  It's $1,080 price tag sets it apart from my trusty Pullman Big Step at a measly $165.  Which is already pretty expensive for a tool used for such a simple task. But I never really sat down and thought that the tamper needs an overhaul, or a full on redesign.  Yet, when the chance to take one home for a weekend came up, I figured it would be a great opportunity to test it out.  So with only a short 36 hours on my counter, I whipped out the camera and put it through some tests.

In the video I not only test the PuqPress Q2 up against the original style tamper for flatness, efficiency, and for shot-by-shot consistency. But also see the difference distribution makes, and yes, I even took out the bottomless portafilter for that test. I'd hate to spoil the entire video for you, but I will say it works pretty well.  It works as advertised. It tamps.  Although I only see it being used in very specific circumstances, and I see it generally being a swing and a miss for home barista use, even though that's what it appears to be angled towards. But like most tools, usefulness is in the eye of the beholder.  So check out the video, and make your judgements.

I would've liked to have had it for a bit longer to test it with different dose weights, as well as basket depths.  But I'm hoping to get a second shot with it in the future.  So if you have any questions or requests for the next PuqPress Q2 video drop them in the comments here, or on YouTube. While you're there don't forget to subscribe and tap that bell button for notifications.  And if you want to further support the channel check out my Patreon for exclusive content and giveaways!

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