The Top Five – Worst Coffee Trends

Just like any other industry...

we here in coffee tend to pick up some trends from time to time, for better or worse. Resistance to these trends is futile. No matter how hard you try, you can't escape them.  They'll invade your Instagram feed. They'll litter your favorite coffee subreddits. They'll even rear their heads within your cherished coffee forums. They may even find their way into your local specialty cafe, or even be the topic of a James Hoffmann video. They are pervasive. They are persistent. These are the worst coffee trends.

The only solace we have is that they tend to be fleeting.  So after the massive rise and fall of the Dalgona, otherwise known as whipped coffee, inspiration stuck. No, it wasn't the next big Tok Tok coffee trend, its a ranking of the top five worst modern coffee trends. So after compiling my own list of options and crowd sourcing some ideas from my Instagram followers via a question posed on my story, I narrowed down the list. This list is of the five that just I wish I could forget.  Some feel like a distant bad dream, and others are still very much part of the coffee culture.

Of course there's no hiding that the Dalgona coffee will make an appearance, but to find out the other four you'll have to check out the above video. But rest assured, they are the worst of the worst. Press play at your own risk.

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